How can I actually contact gmail support?


Gmail is an email service offered by Google. Google as we know is one of the best companies in the world, and thus, almost all the services offered by Google are used by a great number of people, including Gmail. Gmail is extensively used for a lot of purposes including sending and receiving emails. In fact, Gmail IDs are also used for Google Play, in the android devices. Plus, various features like G+, conference calls, Google drives etc. have made Gmail all the more useful.

However, what if you forget your Gmail password. Well, in general cases if you forget the password of your Gmail account then there is a recovery email or phone linked to that account. We generally link them while registering. And, that email or phone number is used to reset the password.

gmail helpline numb

Though, in some cases password reset is not possible using the recovery account email due to various reasons. In those cases it is advisable to reach to the customer service of Gmail.

Gmail has a very helpful customer support team, and the gmail helpline number is +1-888-600-8505. It is a 24 by 7 support team. They are the ones to contact of you get stuck with your Gmail account password resets.

Plus, if you are facing any common or easily correctable issue with your Gmail account, then you may read their support forums also. The support forums have resolutions for some common problems.

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